postcard from Seoul

I stick this postcard project post in my front page. She, Ayu, accidentally lost in my blog when she googled (er, does google already become a verb?) rok batik. Haha. I have no idea how that could possibly happen.

So, we decided to send postcard to each other. And hers is arriving safe and sound today.



This is the picture of Seoul tower. One of the very famous corner full with padlock. People said that if you lock the padlock with your boyfriend, your love will be lock forever. =). I really hope one day i could go there, no, no, off course not to lock the padlock.


Gamsahamnida Ayu, I hope u also like mine as much as i like yours.



Send me your address, I’ll send you postcard! =]


Postcard project

I love sending postcards. I love receiving it more.

So, I’m thinking about sharing this exciting feeling of receiving postcard with you.  If you are accidentally lost in my blog and read this and interested in receiving postcard from me, please write your address. You could email me (sielovesblue(at)yahoo(dot)com) or reply this post.

Don’t worry, i will do no bad thing by knowing your address. i won’t send bad guys, just postcard. =)


Postcard from heaven
Go to where you belong
Never find the perfect situation
Untill you know where you’re from

Lighthouse family – Postcard from heaven