perempuan dapur : sushi making lesson

it was one week ago when nasti and i suddenly had an idea to make sushi. well, since i already had sushi molder and nasti brought this delicious raw salmon form Norway, so that was a good idea.

but the problem was, none of us had a sushi making experience. haha.


but it turned out that  it’s not that difficult to make sushi. here are all the things you need.


rice.  it’ll be much better if you could find special sushi rice. it’s a little bit different from ordinary rice. but if you couldn’t find, ordinary rice is ok.

apple vinegar. we didn’t use it though. couldn’t find it at luck dollar (our favorite groceries store). if you have it, mix it with rice, to give you sour fresh taste.

nori or seaweed. i prefer the chilly one that has wasabi taste.

raw and fresh salmon. if you don’t like raw salmon, you could use shrimp, egg, squid or anything you want.

wasabi and suyu.


you can find many videos at youtube explaining how to make sushi. the most important part is when you roll the rice on the seaweed. you have to be very careful so that the rice wouldn’t fall apart. and don’t forget to give some water at the end of the seaweed to stick it. and it’ll be better if you have sushi roller.


soo, this is it. salmon sushi ala chef yosi dan nasti. nyum!

salmon sushi


i have to be honest that the secret is the salmon. it made the sushi tasted so so so so nyummey!


well, cooking is fun, perempuan!



perempuan dapur #2

tips sayuran hijau

ketika menumis atau merebus sayur, untuk mempertahankan warna asli yang hijau kemilau, masak sayur dengan api besar. setelah diaduk rata dengan bumbu, tutup sebentar. setelah kira-kira matang, segera angkat.

sekali lagi ingat, gunakan api besar.


cooking is fun, perempuan!


perempuan dapur #1

tips kaldu ayam juara

untuk membuat kaldu ayam juara, gunakan bagian sayap. it’s just delicious. kombinasi lemak, kulit dan dagingnya sempurna. rebus ayam dari air dingin. justru jangan dimasukkan ketika air panas apalagi mendidih. buang bagian kecoklatan yang mengambang saat air mulai mendidih, untuk menjaga kemurnian dan kejernihan kaldu. nyum!


cooking is fun, perempuan!