When you talk to your lover, sometimes many times, you change the way you talk. It just naturally happens. Or when you act like a 5 years old spoiled little girl who wants  lot of attentions.

I called it menyamenye

As I remember, I have many times doing this menyamenye with Prammuu. Especially when missing-you-so-much time just suddenly hit me. oh i hate my labile female hormone for that.

Being in a long distance relationship is painful most of the times. The feeling of wanting normal date like normal couples do, holding hands, watching movie, go to interesting places, hunting photos, toyor-toyor, bully-bully, usap-usap kepala, tepok-tepok jidat  bahu, etc, etc often come when weekend approaching. -__-”


On the mellow bin geje times like this, I really wish doraemon’s an everywhere door is available at nearest 7-11.


yahoo messenger, 10 pm.

saya : car, pengen pacaran atuhlah

kamu : lah ini bukannya sedang?

saya : -___-“



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