Honor guards at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall



“The honor guards are set up for commemorating founding father, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, his great contributions in establishing the Republic of China. The Army, Navy and Airforce take turns to serve the honor guards whise duty time is from 9 am to 5 pm with shifts made every hour. We, welcome, everyone to attend the ceremony and pay res[ect to Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s statue.”

If you’re about to visit Taipei, don’t forget to visit Sun Yat Sen memorial hall. Everyday and every hour from 9am to 5pm, there’s a ceremony to commemorate their founding father, Dr Sun Yat-Sen.

I found the ceremony quite interesting with many (old) people watching. The ceremony takes about 15 minutes. Beside watching the ceremony, you could also visit museum inside the hall. you could find many things showing Taiwan’s history.

From Sun Yat Sen memorial hall, you could see the famous Taiwan 101 building clearly. and i think this is one of the best spot if you wanna have your picture with 101 as a background.


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