paper and pie


it was a sweet afternoon when Jore – my lab’s mate- bring this delicious home made pie. she said that her mom wants to sell it and give those pies to us as a tester and asking how much is the suitable price.

and then my afternoon became sweeter, with pie and paper [oh this could be a song title or band’s name or movie title or book title. =)) ]

ah and i wore my new – final sale – pants today. =]

ps. again, i took the photos from the toilet. because it’s the only place with huge mirror close to my lab. see the mob behind me? -__-“


6 thoughts on “paper and pie

  1. what a seems-so-delicious pie!!!
    perhaps i might got any free tester too :)

    i don’t vote for your pants

    • it is so delicious indeed. free tester for you? maybe not. haha

      heh! dibanding celano kotak2 kau yang super gahul itu ye cint, masih jauuh lebih kece celano aku ini. huh!

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