krincing bracelets

i love wearing many bracelets, but not when i’m writing or typing.  i usually take those off except the green one. because it’s noisy and troublesome when u have to write or type.



picture credit: nastiti


krincing, krincing.


green bracelet : Grand bazaar, Istanbul 1 lira

others : 16 ilir Market, Palembang 45k IDR/3 pieces


i love love my green bracelet so so much! bought it when i was at Grand Bazaar Istanbul.  it’s very cheap, 1 Lira/each (6k IDR/20 NTD/60 cents USD), and they come with many colors.

ah, and i only wear them all together when i wanna dress femininely. haha. well, i still love my sneakers, and believe me, sneakers doesn’t suit with all that krincing bracelets.



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