welcome party!

Our lab has 2 new members this semester. Masashi Morita, student exchange from Hokkaido University, who apparently can speak “bahasa sedikit-sedikit” because he spent 2 months working at Karawang 2 years ago  (such a small world!) and Esther, an undergraduate student.

So, after group meeting report (this week is my turn) we held a welcome party for both of them. Fortunately the group meeting went well and only about 1.5 hours. But, at the end of the meeting, Prof Fuku raised a very difficult question which is  “the main point of my thesis”. -__-“. ok, just skipped this thesis part.


Welcome on board, Mori and Esther

left to right : Shawn (research asst), Ys, Tina, Mori, Pei chen, Catoss, Kiki, Prof Fuku (black-pink strip shirt), Ribka, Janet (admin asst), me

left to right front row : Kent, Jore, Esther, Rita (research asst)


So so so, Welcome on board, Mori and Esther!!

Yoroshiku onegaisimasu!


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