the greatest story ever : ONE PIECE!

seriously guys, all of you, i repeat, all of you should read One piece.

it’s freakin’ awesome.

so, i’m a HUGE fans of onepiece. even though i’m in Taiwan, i still read from manga stream (huge thanks!). i’ve been collecting all the comic books since 7 or 8 years ago, i ask my mom or my sister to buy the newest book for me back home.

In Taiwan, you could find  anime/manga things quite easy. And finally, on my way back from music store 2 days ago, i found this little book store near the train station that sell one piece things. and it’s A LOT! from puzzle, mugs, pencil case, notes, card, everything. I’m so so so so happyyyy.



not completed yet!


luffy, i heart you


hope this luffy-bank could help me saving money!


i love puzzles. like really really love. i also have London bridge puzzle and others. and finding this one piece puzzle makes me freakin’ happy! i will put all the puzzle on my wall when i have my own house. =D


lalu foto aku ditaruh mana car?

di dapur aja, buat nakutin tikus. haha


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