the 13th zodiac

So, this Professor from Minneapolis Community and Technical College ,  Parke Kunkle who’s an astronomy expert, launched the new and up to date zodiac. he suggests to add Ophiuchus, the 13th zodiacs. The story was first published in Sunday editions of the Star Tribune of Minneapolis and quickly went viral.

picture from here

But, actually, this 13th zodiac is not a new news.  Astronomers have known about this since about 130 BC

he said.


so here are the new zodiacs:

-Aquarius  : 17 February – 11 March

-Pisces    : 12 March – 18 April

-Aries     : 19 April – 13 May

-Taurus    : 14 May – 21 June

-Gemini    : 22 June – 20 July

-Cancer    : 21 Juli-10 Agustus

-Leo       : 11 August – 16 September

-Virgo     : 17 September-30 October

-Libra     : 31 Oktober-23 November

-Scorpio   : 24 November-29 November

-Ophiuchus : 30 November-17 December

-Sagitarius: 18 Desember-20 Januari

-Capricorn : 21 January-16 February


i was born on October, 30. so from poisonous scorpio, i’m changing in to beautiful virgo. haha. well, i don’t believe in zodiac though. but i kinda like scorpio, it represents me somehow someway. =)).

i wonder how this changing affecting other people’s live who is really into zodiacs. or the people that do diet based on zodiacs. =))


jadi teringat percakapan bersama pacar entah kapan

saya : car, zodiac kamu apa?

pacar : err, apa ya? lupa. heu

saya : oh well, it’s not that important though. haha




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