sushi in tainan

i love sushi. not as much as i love Nasi padang with paru goreng and sambel ijo though (haha, i’m indonesian. what can i do?). so, here in taiwan, you could easily find sushi. they’re everywhere. from the very cheap until the very expensive one.

my favorite sushi are at night market. why? because it’s soo cheap and the taste is delicious, at least for that price. they sell many varieties, as you can see from the pictures. it costs you only 10 NT/each or about 3k rp for the cheapest. bloody cheap rite?

ah, and i already bought sushi molder, accidentally found it when i was at Taipei. it pretty much looks like this. the price is about 50 NT.  will post mine soon.

picture taken from here


i really wanna try to make my own sushi. my professor in itb once gave me her own made sushi. and it was gooooddd.



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