first starbucks

this is my first time buying starbucks since i came to Taiwan 1,5 years ago. haha. call me cupu (what is cupu in English? unsocialized?). but i’m not a big fans of coffee anyway. i know they provide not only espresso, there are many other drinks that i could order. but i don’t know, i’m just not in to starbucks. i prefer chocolate, and i’m more than satisfied with 85 chocolate drink. so, i found no reason to go to starbucks.

but tonight, my 3 friends asked me to go there. they said that there are buy 1 free 1 promo. so here we are, buying frappuccino caramel (well, because the promo is only for some frappuccino’s).


we’re planning to hang out there, talking, photo-ing, well, the point is spending saturday night not in the dorm. but it’s such a silly thought, because it’s saturday night. it’s full of people obviously.  no space for the 4 of us.

we almost gave up,and decide to spend the night at dorm. But thanks to McD! which only a few steps from starbucks. so instead of hang out at starbucks, we spent the night at McD.


with french fries, and this delicious apple pie (Dear apple pie, would u come to McD in Indonesia, please?). i used to buy apple pie at Rice bowl in Bandung, which is soooo delicious.



so, how was it?

well, to be honest. i’ve only bought starbucks twice, and this is my third. haha. i’ve told you, i’m not a big fans of starbucks. when i was at bandung, i prefer ngopi doloe, warung indoeng, or any other coffee shop.

the frappuccino was awesome. it has to be, with almost 100 NT price. well, i’d love to come back again and hang out there. the store’s lovely, with the yellow lights and comfortable atmosphere (not at weekend night definitely). but still, i prefer chocolate drink from 85. =)



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