partner in crime #1

meet my partner in crime. nastiti utami.

we share a lot of common interests. capturing and being captured, traveling, girl things, food, movies. well, not all of the movies actually, she loves to see bloody scenes. i mean the real one, like kick ass or saw or any movies that involve MANY bloods. or horror and thriller which i also love to watch if only there are more than 5 peoples around me. haha.

and recently, we do some kind of make-up experiment. we’ve just realized how important the make-up for (mature) woman is. =p. and thanks to youtube for the awesome-DIY-make up-tutorial.

I don’t need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better.
– Plutarch


One thought on “partner in crime #1

  1. koc..aku terharu hura gimandang gt bo..heheh
    , hihi..kita kan memang partner in crime,,ah i’m gonna miss obrolan sehari2 antar meja kita, yang range from ngbrolin dpr, smokey eyes, kegantengan pembimbing mu, ketidak matching an pembimbing mu, LOL, abis kk lulus ntr, ahha..
    makanya mari kita isi masa2 brg2 nya dgn nonton bloody hell movie lg, (haha), engga deng k, bcanda..=P

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