marry you

it’s a beautiful night,
We’re looking for something dumb to do.
Hey baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

Is it the look in your eyes,
Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

Well I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go,
No one will know,
Come on girl.
Who cares if we’re trashed got a pocket full of cash we can blow,
Shots of patron,
And it’s on girl.

Don’t say no, no, no, no-no;
Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah;
And we’ll go, go, go, go-go.
If you’re ready, like I’m ready.

just say i do

tell me right now baby


seandainya menikah itu “segampang” di lirik lagu ini. haha.

tapi kepikiran ga sih? betapa ribetnya kalau sudah menyangkut urusan next step alias pernikahan. it’s not only between 2 persons. it’s the marriage between 2 BIG families. -_-“


*duh inilah kan, syndrom mendapat lebih banyak undangan pernikahan. mau ga mau jadi kepikiran. siigh



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