diambil dari sini

It’s a snapshot of a country where over 60 percent of all adult men smoke, a place where, unsurprisingly, the tobacco industry rides roughshod over the public health interest. While smoking rates continue to dip in places like the U.S., they’ve actually risen in Indonesia.

The World Bank estimates that one-third of the world’s adult population smokes — an astonishing 80 percent of whom live in “low- and middle-income countries.” And that number just keeps growing– in places like Indonesia, where a smoking household will spend about 11 percent of its income on cigarettes and the rate of smokers between the tender age of 5 and 9 has dramatically risen since 2001.

A place where there are no bans on public smoking, no age limit on who can buy cigarettes, and a deep-pocketed, largely unregulated tobacco industry that can advertise on television and sponsor huge entertainment events seemingly at will. A part of the world where smoking is the leading cause of premature death.

saya sedih sekali membaca tulisan tersebut. apa negeri saya sebegitu jeleknya?



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