Menuju 5th WYC Turkey (5) : Visa, checked!



alhamdulillah, finally my Turkey visa application has been approved, and it’s already attached in my pasport. Yay! a gazzaalliioonneee thanks to Prammuu who accompanied me during the visa application process in capital town. ah, and going – here -and – there – dating – taking- pictures moment. makasih ya Car! =) =)

i think it’s not that difficult to apply Turkey visa. In my case for example, I’m an Indonesian who study in Taiwan. To apply the visa, all i need is to complete the requirements which are:

1. Fill the visa form. you can get this form at the Turkish trade and economic office. it’s quite easy to fill the form. The Turkish trade and economic office is located next to Taipei 101, (19F.333 Keelung Rd., Sec.1, Taipei, telp 02- 2757 7318). You can recognize the building easily with its Pink (yes, it’s pink!) color. The office opens from 9.30 – 12.30

2. since i’m still a student, i have to bring a letter that stated i’m a student (i bring my letter of acceptance from NCKU)

3. 1 copied of ARC

4. Passport and copied of its front page

5. Because i’ll attend the world youth congress, the invitation letter form the committee should be shown. Or if you plan for holiday, you have to give your detail plan during your stay there (accommodation and stuff)

6. itinerary detail (flight number)

7. 1 newest visa standard photo.

8. the visa fee is 1850 NTD,

after completing all the requirements, you can get the visa within 3 days process. yay!



kata pacar,

can’t wait any longer, eh?

dan saya mengangguk angguk penuh semangat!



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